Black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus)


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a. Name and contact address of the person in charge of colour marking
@ Hisasahi SUGAWA (12-1-1-310,Ogurisu-Nakayamada, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, 601-1463,Japan)
@ E-mail: CXD00117(add)
@ Date of renewal of the following information : 10 October, 2003.

@ Please change "(at)" to "@" when you send me an email.

b. Contact address for reporting an observation of marked birds and information required
@Takeshi WADA(Osaka Museum of Nartural History, 1-23, Nagai-Koen, @Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, 546-0034,Japan)
@tel 06-6697-6221/FAX 06-6697-6225, e-mail: wadat(at)
@The contents of report
@@1. colour, the character written on the colour leg-band (also position of a horizontal line),
@@2. Date of the observation
@@3. Location (preferably with co-ordinates)
@@4.Observerfs name and address/Phone/Fax/e-mail
@@5. May your name be shown in the following web-site or not?
@If you have many observation records, please put them in table form, and send after the year end.

c. Outline of the marking method(How bird are marked)
@(Kyoto-shi and adjacent cities), the right leg was banded with a metal band and the left leg was banded with a plastic colour ring of blue or green (white character), or yellow (black character). The alphabetic character or number is perpendicularly marked on the plastic ring up and down (it enables it to read from three directions). In the case of an alphabetic character and a number, a horizontal line is located in the bottom, in the case of two numbers, no horizontal line, in the case of two alphabetic characters a horizontal line between them(see Photo.).
@ The red (white character) ring of the same series on a right leg was banded abroad (Russia Kamchatka state).

d. Outline of the marking birds (1993. 01.06 to 2003.01.18)
Color Type   No.   Date(Yr.Mo.Dy)   Place                 banding person
Green ring   18  1993.01.06 to 12.24  Kamogawa, Kyoto-shi  H. SUGAWA
V       41  1994.01.12 to 02.23        V                   V
Yellow ring   85  1994.02.23 to 2003.01.07   
V                V
V        93  2000.11.13 to 2003.01.18 Mukogawa Hyogo   N. KATAOKA
V        17  2001.01.22 to 2001.02.05 Koyaike, Hyogo          V
V        31  2000.12.09 to 2001.12.09 Yamato-gawa, Osaka N.KUMASHIRO
Red ring      45  1993.07.17              Kamchatka Russia  N. GERASIMOV
V       327  1994.07.15-16               V                  V

e. Web-site URL , literature for details
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