Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)

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a. Name and contact address of the person in charge of colour marking
Michio Fukuda (5-4-58, Higashi, Toride-shi, 302-0005, Japan)
mogufuku(at) (Japanese Cormorant Banding Group)
Please change "(at)" to "@" when you send me an email.
Date of renewal of the following information: 1 August 2005

b. Contact address for a report of observation of each coloured-ring
Colour of ring (Colour of character) Contact person E-mail address
1)Yellow (Black) Michio Fukuda (above addrerss)
2)Orange (White) Katsuhiro Kitagawa koaji(at)
3)Green (White) Aichi Cormorant Banding Group aickwu(at)
4)White (Black) same
5)Blue (White) Takashi Wada wadat(at)
6)Light brown (White) Kaname Kamiya info(at)
7)Unknown marking Michio Fukuda

The contents of report; 1. colour, the character written in the colour leg-band (also position of a horizontal line), 2. Date of the observation, 3. Location (preferably with co-ordinates), 4. Observer's name and address/ Phone/ Fax/ e-mail. 5. May your name be showed in the following web-site or not? If you have many observation records, please put it in a table form, and send after a season end

c. Outline of the marking method (How bird are marked)
Various coloured plastic rings were banded right or left leg, and the opposite leg was banded metal ring and a small sized colour-ring (vinyl or celluloid tube). All plastic rings were marked with two or three alphabetic characters and number and were also marked with one or two horizontal lines.

d. Outline of the marking birds
Ring(characters) Ringed location
1)Yellow (Black) Kanto (Toyo:Dairokudaiba, Chiba:Gyoutoku Reserve, Mouth of Obitsu River)
2)Orange (White) Shizuoka (Hamana Lake)
3)Green (White) Aichi (Unoyama, Yatomi Bird Park)
4)White (Black) Aichi (Tawara-cho)
5)Blue (White) KInki(Shiga:Tikubu Island, Isaki, Hyougo:Itami-shi)
6)Light brown (White) Shimane(Naka Lake)
7)Coiled pipe rings Tokyo(Shinobazu Pond)

e. Reference materials and Web address for detailed information
Michio Fukuda (1993) Color banding of Common Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo @@hanedae, in Japan. T. Outline of banding methodology and register. Bull. JBBA 8:1-14.
Michio Fukuda (2000)Color banding of Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo, in Japan. UD Summary and analysis of results from September 1992 through August 2000.
Bull. JBBA 15:33-42.
Japanese Cormorant Banding Group
Aichi Cormorant Banding Group